Video talks

TEDx Talk: Moralizing Technology and the Ethics of Things (English)

* * *

Studium Generale Nijmegen: interview with Don Ihde (English)

* * *

UNESCO movie on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

* * *

Lcture Transmediale Berlin (with Koert van Mensvoort and Floris Kaayk): On the Origin of Androids

* * *

Television lecture on Foucault (HUMAN; Dutch)

* * *

Lezing over ethiek van techniek en de grens van de mens (Dutch)

* * *

Lowlands University college 2010 (Dutch)

* * *

Dies natalis lezing University of Twente 2012 (Dutch)

* * *

TV interview on ‘Perfectioning the Human’, by Bas Heijne, with Michael Sandel and Neil Harbisson (Dutch):

* * *

Television lecture on Heidegger and technology (Dutch):


* * *

Interview on Heidegger with Wim Brands (Dutch)


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